Limit Maximum Attachment Size


4me allows attachments to be very large: files of up to 2 GB may be uploaded.  It ensures that users do not need to worry about the size of the files they share in 4me.  This is especially important when people share videos of the issues they are struggling with or for knowledge articles that contain large files.  There are, however, situations where organizations want to prevent large files from being uploaded.  This could be related to the security policy, whereby a company must adhere to controls on movement and storage of data.  For this reason, the possibility to limit the file size of attachments has now been added.

In the ‘Security’ section of the Settings console, it is now possible for an organization’s account owner to set a maximum file size in MB for attachment files.  When the maximum file size is defined in the directory account, it is possible to use the same setting for the support domain account.

Security settings set maximum attachment size