Line Charts

Line ChartA set of eleven line charts has been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  These standard reports can be found there under the following names:

  • Registered Requests
  • Completed Requests
  • Registered Knowledge Articles
  • Registered Problems
  • Solved Problems
  • Registered Changes
  • Completed Changes
  • Registered Projects
  • Completed Projects
  • Registered Risks
  • Completed Risks

Registered Requests line chart report

There were already a few other standard reports with the same name, like the metric report ‘Solved Problems’.  But since the report type is different, it should still be easy for users to select the one they are looking for.

Selecting a report with a non-unique name

By placing these line charts on dashboards and applying filters to them, they can be used to track KPIs such as ‘New Requests’, ‘Completed Requests’, ‘New Incidents’ and ‘Service Outages’.  Making these line charts available is part of the initiative to allow customers to include KPI reports on their dashboards.