Linking Multiple Records

AddThere are quite a few places in 4me where it is possible to relate multiple records of the same type to another record. For example, an approval task may need to be assigned to several approvers, an SLA can cover any number of organizations, and a request can be submitted for more than one configuration item.

To avoid having to relate each record separately, the new multi-select feature allows multiple records to be selected, after which they can all be added at the same time.

No configuration items selected
Clicking on the link causes a search box to pop up, which can be used to look up the records that need to be related. After entering some text in the search box, up to 20 matches are suggested for selection.

Search results - no CIs selected
Just click on the items you want to link and press Done. Or use the down-arrow key to highlight items and select them by pressing the spacebar.

Search results - multiple CIs selected
After you have selected the items you need, press the Enter key to link them. To quickly select a single item, highlight it and press Enter.

Multiple linked records
To remove a link, click on the Remove icon to the left of the related record.

Remove a linked record