Linking Organizations to a Time Allocation

Time allocationAfter setting up a new time allocation, it still needs to be made available to the employees of the right organizations. Only then will these people be able to select it when they are registering their time. To do this, the administrator who added the time allocation would normally open each of these organization records and link the new time allocation to it.

Now there is an easier way to relate a time allocation to the organizations which employees should be able to link it to their time entries. The ‘Organizations’ section of the Time Allocation form now remains available in Edit mode. That makes it possible for account administrators to maintain the links between a time allocation and the organizations that need to make use of it from within the time allocation record.
Linking organizations to a time allocation
It is important to note, however, that an administrator is only allowed to add or remove organizations that are registered in an account that he/she has the Account Administrator or Directory Administrator role of, or that he/she is the manager or substitute manager of.
Note also that the manager of an organization, as well as the manager’s substitute, are still able to open their organization’s record to update the list of time allocations for their organization.