Look Up Requests by Customer Organization

OrganizationWhen looking at the requests in the Inbox views or the Records console, the requester’s organization is visible in the Requester column. The organization name used be looked up dynamically. The result was that, if the requester moved to a different department, the name of the new department would be displayed for the requester’s old requests. To ensure that the name of the customer organization of a request does not change over time, the organization to which the requester belonged at the time the request was submitted is now stored in the Request record.

Customer organizations in the request views
The Organization field is now also included in the request exports and it can be retrieved using the Requests API. To top it all off, the dimensions organization and business_unit were added to the Analytics Explorer, which can be accessed by account administrators in the Analytics console.

Having the organization name available as part of the request data makes it easier to generate reports that show requests by customer.