Look Up Your Assets in Self Service

Configuration itemEnd users are now able to look up the assets that their organization has made available to them.  When they open 4me Self Service or the 4me App, they will see a new option in the menu.  This option is called ‘My Assets’.

My Assets option 4me Self Service menu

The ‘My Assets’ menu option is available only when the user’s person record is linked to at least one configuration item.  When this menu option is selected, the user will see a list of his or her configuration items.

My Assets page in 4me Self Service

Selecting one of the assets takes the user to a screen that provides a little more information about the asset, specifically the support team and the date since when the asset is in use.

Asset view in 4me Self Service

The date since when the asset is in use corresponds with the Start date field of the configuration item record in 4me’s configuration management database (CMDB).  This may be useful in organizations that allow their employees to order a replacement PC or phone after a specific number of years.

More important, though, is the Submit Request for This Asset button.  This button makes it easy for end users to obtain support for one of the assets they use.  Pressing this button takes the user to the list of standard requests and knowledge articles that could be relevant for the selected asset (or rather, for the service of the service instance that the configuration item is a part of).

List of standard requests and knowledge articles after selecting an asset in 4me Self Service

Selecting one of the standard requests (i.e. a request template) makes it easy for the user to provide all the information needed by the specialists to complete the request.  Alternatively, a knowledge article can be selected so that the user does not even need to contact the support organization.

If the account administrator activated the None of the Above button in the Self Service Settings, the end user can press this button to provide a subject and a short description before submitting a new request.  The new request is then related to the configuration item and the configuration item’s service instance, and it will be assigned to the first line team of this service instance, or the support team of the service instance if the First line team field of the service instance is empty.