Lower the Impact Level of a Request Group

Request groupWhen the category of a request is set to ‘Incident – Request for Incident Resolution’, the following four impact levels are available:

  • Low – Service Degraded for One User
  • Medium – Service Down for One User
  • High – Service Degraded for Several Users
  • Top – Service Down for Several Users

When 2 requests are grouped together, 4me automatically increases their impact from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ if it concerns a degradation of service, or from ‘Medium’ to ‘Top’ if it concerns a service outage.

But there are rare scenarios where the impact of a request group only affects a single user. For example, when a monitoring tool generated a request in 4me about an issue with a PC, the manager of the affected user send an email to 4me to create another request for the same issue, and the user also submitted a request for this, it may be best not to complete 2 of these requests as duplicates. When they are grouped, all 3 of these requests will receive the same updates and once the group is completed, the requesters are automatically notified.

To support such use cases, it is now possible to lower the impact level of a request group, and thereby the impact level of the requests that are grouped in it, to ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’.

Impact selection in grouped request