Many More Reports

Horizontal bar chartA set of 31 additional reports has become available in the ‘Reports’ section of the Settings console. This is the greatest number of new reports included in a single release.

These reports are all fairly basic by very useful when they are filtered and a custom date range is applied. The complete list of new reports for the different record types is:
For Requests:

  • Open Requests by Source
  • Completed Requests by Category
  • Completed Requests by Source

For Problems:

  • Registered and Solved Problems
  • Registered Problems by Category
  • Registered Problems by Impact
  • Active Problems by Category
  • Halted Problems by Category
  • Solved Problems by Category

For Changes:

  • Registered and Completed Changes
  • Registered Changes by Category
  • Registered Changes by Impact
  • Registered Changes by Justification
  • Open Changes by Impact
  • Completed Changes by Impact

For Change Tasks:

  • Open Tasks by Category
  • Open Tasks by Status
  • Finished Tasks by Category

For Projects:

  • Registered and Completed Projects
  • Registered Projects by Category
  • Registered Projects by Justification
  • Registered Projects by Risk Level
  • Open Projects by Category
  • Open Projects by Justification
  • Open Projects by Risk Level
  • Open Projects by Service
  • Open Projects by Status
  • Completed Projects by Category
  • Completed Projects by Justification
  • Completed Projects by Risk Level
  • Completed Projects by Service

Open projects by service