Mark as Urgent

Urgent4me automatically assigns a resolution target to requests. The SLA information is used to calculate these targets. There are situations, however, where a request needs to get resolved ASAP regardless of what has been agreed on in the SLA. Perhaps the personal assistant of a senior manager needs some assistance in a conference room to prepare for an important meeting that is about to start.

In such cases it would be great to let the team to which the request is assigned know that it has the highest priority. Fortunately, you can do this now in 4me.

When you are registering a new request, or when you are working on an existing request, you can click on the Actions button in the toolbar. There you will find the “Mark as Urgent” option.

After you have marked a request as urgent, a little stopwatch becomes visible in the request. Urgent requests get placed at the top of the Inbox views. They are highlighted in yellow to ensure that they can’t be missed by their assignee.

In Self Service, the requester will also see the stopwatch. This tells the requester that the request has been given the highest priority.

The “Mark as Urgent” option is also available for problems and tasks. So, when something needs to get done as quickly as possible, you can communicate this effectively by selecting the “Mark as Urgent” option.