Meeting Germany’s Data Protection Requirements

LockAs a SaaS provider with users around the globe, privacy and security get the highest priority with every release. Earlier this month we announced the Safe Harbor certification of the 4me service to meet the requirements of the European Union’s Directive on Data Protection as well as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.

BundesdatenschutzgesetzGermany, however, has even stricter data protection legislation. Their Federal Data Protection Act (that is the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, better known as BDSG) requires service providers to take specific actions in case of a security breach. An addendum was recently signed between 4me and Amazon Web Services, the provider of the infrastructure on which the 4me service is hosted. This addendum has made it possible for 4me to meet Europe’s strictest privacy laws.

This step allows German organizations, as well as multinationals with operations in Germany, to demonstrate that they provide adequate protection for the personal data they store in the 4me service.