Member Field No Longer Required

Waiting UntilIn the past, when the status ‘Waiting for…’ was selected in a request, the Member field used to be required.  That is no longer the case.  This makes it possible for specialists to set the status to ‘Waiting for…’ and to make the Member field empty.  Specialists can use the extra flexibility to ensure that the request gets picked up by any available member of the team when work on the request can proceed again.
This could, however, result in a situation where the request is forgotten because nobody is prompted to look in the ‘My Team’s Inbox’ view to check whether it is already possible to continue. To avoid such situations, the Waiting until field now becomes required when the status of a request is set to ‘Waiting for…’ and the Member field is empty.
Waiting until field is required when status is Waiting for
By making sure that the Waiting until field is set, the status of the request is automatically updated to ‘Assigned’ when the waiting until moment is reached, which in turn causes the team members, or the team coordinator, to be notified.