Mentionable OAuth Persons


Involving a person in a 4me record using the @mention function is a great way to call for help, or ask a person to take some kind of action. With the recent advances in AI and the ease with which workflow automations are seamlessly connected to 4me, it only makes sense to be able to call such integrations in this same way, as well. Just as it was done for the AiAnalyst, for example. This is now easily possible, using the same @mention function.

To achieve this, a mentionable OAuth person record must be created from the ‘OAuth applications’ section of the Settings console, selecting the ‘Client credentials grant’ grant type. This ensures that the OAuth person record contains the option ‘OAuth person enablement’.

When this option is enabled, the OAuth person can be mentioned just like a regular person. This can be used by organizations that want to create virtual assistants for invoking integrations, using automation rules and webhooks, for example.

Oauth assistant

In the ‘App Offerings’ section of the Settings menu, the new option ‘This app requires an enabled OAuth person’ must be enabled for a virtual assistant app that should be called or activated when mentioning this OAuth person.

App offering oauth