Menu Option ‘My Services’ Added to Self Service

4me Self Service menu with 'My Services' option


A new option has been added to the 4me Self Service menu.  The new option is called ‘My Services’.  Selecting this menu option takes the user to a section that lists all the services that the user is covered for by an active SLA.




The list provides an overview of all the services for which the user can obtain support.  The list already offers part of the description of each service.

'My Services' section in 4me Self Service

When a service is selected, the user can read the entire description of the service.  More importantly, the user can press the Submit Request for This Service button.

Service selected in the 'My Services' section of 4me Self Service

Pressing this button takes the user to a screen that offers the service’s standard requests, reservation requests and knowledge articles that are available for the user.  This screen is identical to the one the user would see after pressing the menu option ‘New Request’ and selecting the same service.