Metric Reports

MetricThose of you who have already been exploring the new Dashboard functionality will have noticed a new type of report in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console. This new type of report is called a ‘metric’ report. Such reports show only a single numerical value. Placing multiple of them on a dashboard with different filters and names can make it easy to communicate some key statistics.

Custom dashboard in 4me with metric reports

List of metric reportsAbout 15 more of these metric reports have been added. Additional ones will likely be added over time, as customers identify new use cases.

Note that by clicking on the number that a metric report presents, users can drill down into a view that lists the records that make up this number.

Also, now that the list of reports in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console is becoming quite long, it is helpful to be aware that the Search box in the toolbar can be used to quickly reduce this list to the reports that concern a specific record type, state or breakdown.

For example, enter ‘req op sit’ in the Search box if you are looking for the report ‘Open Requests by Site’.