Minor Enhancements for Week 25


This post lists small tweaks and enhancements that have been delivered by the Development team in the previous release.

Minimum Data Retention Period Lowered

The minimum data retention period for all record types in the ‘Retention Policy’ section of the Settings console has been decreased from 14 months to 1 month. This makes it possible to set the archive retention for person records to 1 month, and the trash retention to 2 months, while keeping request records for over a year, for example.

Disabled person records may need to be archived and trashed quicker for GDPR reasons, while completed requests should probably be kept longer. This way, it would still be possible to generate reports that include over a year’s worth of data without worrying about records not being included because they have already been archived or trashed.


Improved Project Task Approvals Involving Delegates

Last month an enhancement was delivered in which the approval task of the original approver is automatically canceled when an appointed delegate approves that task (or the other way around). This change makes it impossible to bypass the approval of an essential approver for a project task when a minimum number of approvers is required. The same change has now been made for project tasks, as well.