Minor Enhancements for Week 36


This post lists small tweaks and enhancements that have been delivered by the Development team in the previous release.

Filter and Sort by Project Phase

Projects can now be filtered by phase. Not only has the ‘Phase’ filter been added to project views, but a customized column can also be added. In addition, the ‘Open Projects by Phase’ report is now available.

Phase filter projects


Negative Invoice Unit Prices

It is now possible to enter negative amounts as unit prices in invoices. This means that it is now possible, for example, to enter credit vouchers as invoices in the system.


Best Effort Target for Standard Service Requests

The response and resolution targets in service offerings can now explicitly be set to ‘Best Effort’. When these fields are left empty in standard service requests, the values defined for RFC, RFI, or Incident are used, depending on the category of the standard service request.

SSR best effort


Role Filter Renamed to Role in Account

When filtering on a role in the ‘All People’ view, only results are shown for people with that role in the account they are currently logged in to. This can be confusing to users because all the person records from the directory account are visible. For this reason, the filter is now named ‘Role in Account’.