Minor Enhancements for Week 37


This post lists small tweaks and enhancements that have been delivered by the Development team in the previous release.

Filter and SAllow Import / Export of PDF Designs

PDF designs can now be exported and imported, from the ellipsis menu, the actions menu, and from the ‘Exports’ section of the settings console.


Update SLA Coverage With Automation

Automation rules can update the coverage of service level agreements for people, organizations, sites and skill pools.


Relate a New Workflow to a Problem With Automation

By exposing workflow.problems as an editable relation in workflow automation rules, it is now possible to relate a new workflow to a problem.


Access Grouped Requests With Automation

It is now possible to access grouped requests by exposing grouped_requests in automation rules. The following example shows how this can be useful to update the subject of the request group with the total amount of grouped requests.

Automation count group


Update Physical Asset to Server

The category of a product could so far only be changed to a new category that has the same rule set. It is now possible to modify the product category of a product with a product category of ruleset physical asset to a product category of ruleset server and the other way around. A CI of ruleset server has two additional fields: Nr of processors and Nr of cores. When the ruleset of a CI is changed to a physical asset and when these two fields have values, then these values are kept and displayed read-only when the CI is edited.

Products created by automatic provisioning are usually of product category Physical Asset, because the discovery tool is not able to tell 4me that a CI is a server. The Configuration Manager can now modify the product category.