Minor Enhancements for Week 41

This post lists small tweaks and enhancements that have been delivered by the Development team in the previous release.

Card Description Field Added to App Offerings

The Description field on the App Offerings form lets providers of apps in the 4me App Store specify what their apps do exactly. So far, the text stored in this field was also displayed on the cards in the App Store overview. If the text is too long to be displayed entirely, though, it would be truncated. The Card description field has been added to the App Offerings form, so that app providers can be in total control of the text that is displayed on the app’s card.


New Configuration Item Fields

Several new fields for physical assets and servers are now available. These additional fields are available for the APIs and Import but read-only in the user interface. This is done to supply additional support for discovery tools. When these fields have no value they are hidden in the UI. When they do have a value in one of the CIs, the filter for the field becomes available in the CI views and reports. This concerns the following fields:
• Operation system
• End of support (date)
• RAM (in GB), this field is editable in the CI form for servers
• Last seen (date)


Warning Icon Legal & Compliance

In the ‘Legal & Compliance’ section of the Settings console, several fields are dedicated to capturing the names and email addresses of security and data protection officers. These fields are not required, but it is important for 4me to know who to contact if an incident concerning information security or data protection occurred. For that reason, a warning icon is now displayed if the email addresses for the organization’s Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer are not supplied.


Account Name of Note Author

When a note is written by someone outside of the account (or directory account) of the person who is currently logged in, the name of that person’s account is now displayed next to the person’s name. This can be especially handy in larger organizations and organizations that work with multiple suppliers, where specialist can work with people they do not yet know.