More Collision Detection in Settings Console


Most 4me customers have multiple people who are able to act as administrator for one or more of the organization’s 4me accounts.  From time to time the administrators can therefore find themselves working on the same record in one of the sections of the Settings console.  Most sections of the Settings console already had collision detection enabled, but it has now also been activated in the following sections:

  • Account Trusts
  • Single Sign-On
  • Applications
  • Webhooks
  • Webhook Policies
  • Timesheet Settings
Timesheet settings records with collision detection

Note that only the account owner is currently allowed to update an SSO configuration, so collisions are unlikely to be detected in these records.  But since a few customers have already requested for the administrator role to be given access to the Single Sign-On section, it is likely that collision detection will eventually become useful for single sign-on configurations as well.