More Error Details in Webhook Email Notifications

AlertWhen an external server is down, all webhooks that tried, but failed, to reach this server are now remembered as ‘offending’ webhooks. This allows 4me to include the name and 4me account ID of the offending webhooks when it sends out an email notification to the email address specified in the field ‘Mail exceptions to‘ of a webhook to warn the recipient that this webhook is being throttled or has been disabled.

An example of such an email is provided below:

Subject: Webhook #179 throttled – Status Update
The webhook is throttled due to too many consecutive failures on the
external server. Could it be that the external server is down?
Offending webhooks:
Team Updated @wdc #183

This example email indicates that webhook 179 is throttled due to too much errors encountered by webhook 183, which points to the same external server. The recipient of the email notification can then look up the details of the failure by accessing webhook #183.