More Flexible Account Trust Options


In the ‘Account Trusts’ section of the Settings console, a person with the Account Administrator role can define how different organizations can work together in 4me.  The options for assigning workflow tasks and project tasks to key contacts and specialists from another organization have been adjusted.  It is now possible for organizations to specify more precisely to which teams these tasks can be assigned.

When the setting ‘ can assign workflow tasks to our key users and specialists’ is enabled, it is now possible to link specific teams.  The trusted account may assign workflow tasks to specialists of those teams.  When no teams are linked, the account trust option works as before: the trusted account may select any specialist from any of this account’s teams.

Trust settings workflow project tasks

This way, not every team of the account is exposed to the trusted account, which can be important for security reasons and for reducing the number of tasks assigned to the wrong team.

The same change was implemented for the Account trusts setting ‘can assign workflow tasks to our key users and specialists’.