More Knowledge Article Information

KnowledgeThe views that list a support organization’s knowledge articles now have two additional columns to show when an article was originally created and when it was last updated.

These columns have the headers:

  • Created
  • Updated

All Knowledge Articles view with extra columns

When an individual knowledge article is selected, the Created and Updated fields are also visible in the knowledge article itself.  But that is not all.  The person who registered the article, as well as the person who is responsible as the knowledge manager of the service for which the article was written, are also presented.

Usage stats in knowledge article

More interesting perhaps is the ‘Usage – Last 90 days’ section that has been added at the bottom of the article.  This section provides a quick overview of how often the article is used and how helpful it is.

This additional information provides another way for knowledge managers to review their knowledge base so that articles that are no longer used can be archived and the ones with negative feedback can be improved.