More Metric Reports

MetricMertic reports were recently introduced to support 4me’s Dashboard functionality. Already another batch of these metric reports has become available in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.

The following new metric reports were added for configuration items:

  • All Configuration Items
  • Active Configuration Items
  • Inactive Configuration Items

For contacts:

  • All Contracts
  • Active Contracts

For products:

  • All Products
  • Enabled Products

For change tasks:

  • Registered Tasks

For project tasks:

  • Registered Project Tasks

The availability of these metric reports means that they can be added to dashboards. There will be many cases where there is a need to add the same metric report multiple times to a dashboard. So it is good to be aware that this is possible. After adding the same report multiple times to a dashboard, these reports can be given a unique name and different filters.

Multiple metric reports on a dashboard