More Parameters Available for Custom Links

LinkA long list of parameters was already available to add dynamic custom links to 4me’s Actions menu.  When designers and administrators go to the ‘Custom Links’ section of the Settings console, they will notice two new sets of parameters.

The first set starts with person. and can be used to obtain field values from the record that the current user is looking at, or from the main person record that is linked to this record.  For example, the parameter can be used in a custom link to include the record number of the person who is selected in the Requested for field after a request has been opened.

This can be useful in a scenario where an organization wants to offer its support staff an additional option in the Actions menu for scheduling a meeting room when they receive a request from someone to organize a meeting.

Custom link parameters

The custom link would then look something like:


In this URL, sd/ takes the user to the service desk console and {} selects the requester of the request that the user was looking at, in the Requester field.

The #step=select_reservation&template_id=12 part opens the reservation calendar for the request template which record ID = 12.

Below is the complete first set of new parameters:

  • person.source
  • person.sourceID
  • person.primary_email
  • person.supportID
  • person.chat_workchat
  • person.chat_teams
  • person.chat_slack
  • person.chat_skype

The second set of parameters that has been added starts with me. and can be used to dynamically retrieve a field value from the person record of the specialist who clicks on the custom link.  This makes it possible, for example, to add a custom link that uses the record ID of the current user to allow this person to use the Actions menu to open the Service Desk console with the current user already selected in the Requester field.  Or a custom link can be added to the Actions menu to open the current user’s 4me person record.  If the organization’s account ID is wdc, then these custom URLs are:


Custom links with me parameter

The result will look as follows when a specialist clicks on the Actions button in the toolbar.

Custom link in 4me Actions menu

Below is the entire second set of parameters that has become available:

  • me.source
  • me.sourceID
  • me.primary_email
  • me.supportID
  • me.chat_workchat
  • me.chat_teams
  • me.chat_slack
  • me.chat_skype