More Problem Management Reports

ImageThis weekend, 9 more reports were added to give support organizations more insight in the problems that affect, or affected, their services.
These problem reports already existed:

  • Active Problems by Service
  • Active Problems by Status
  • Solved Problems by Service

When you go to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console, you will see that the following problem reports were added:

  • Active Problems Aging since Last Updated
  • Active Problems Aging since Registered
  • Active Problems by Impact
  • Active Problems by Target Indication
  • Halted Problems Aging since Last Updated
  • Halted Problems Aging since Registered
  • Halted Problems by Impact
  • Halted Problems by Service
  • Solved Problems by Impact

Problem managers and service owners can customize these reports by adding some filters or a date range.  Once they have customized a report, they can click on the report’s title to bookmark it.  That makes it possible to reuse these customized reports each time the Problem Management workload needs to be reviewed.