More Quick Ranges for Views and Reports

CalendarQuick range previous 7 daysMany quick range options were already available in 4me to make it easy to select one of the most commonly used date ranges for a view or report. But apparently there are a few more popular date ranges that were not available yet as a quick range. That is why the following quick ranges have been added:

  • Previous 7 days
  • Previous 30 days
  • Previous 90 days
  • Previous 13 months
  • Previous 13 months, plus month to date

These ranges could still be specified by clicking on the ‘Custom Range’ option, but that takes a bit more effort. Having these additional quick ranges available will make things a little easier for people who analyze a lot of data. Note that after a quick range has been selected, it is still possible to select a different interval for a report (i.e. Day, Week or Month) in the ‘Custom Range’ settings of the date filter.