More Standard Reports for KPI Tracking

Vertical bar chartSince it became possible to create custom dashboards in 4me, customers have been asking for the possibility to add the KPIs, which are available in the ‘KPIs’ section of the Analytics console, to their dashboards.  To make this possible, the development team has started to prepare a standard report for each of these KPIs.  As part of this initiative, the following reports have now become available:

  • Problem Resolution Duration
  • Change Completion Duration
  • Project Completion Duration
  • Risk Closure Duration
  • Average Request Completion Duration
  • Average Problem Resolution Duration
  • Average Change Completion Duration
  • Average Project Completion Duration
  • Average Risk Closure Duration

Average Change Completion Duration report

Change Completion Duration report

Having these standard reports available allows them to be added to dashboards.  But there are two more benefits that come with having a standard report available for each KPI.  First, many more filters are available in standard reports than in the ‘KPIs’ section of the Analytics console.  Second, standard reports allow much longer date ranges than the 90-day date range of the KPIs.

Just in case you are wondering, the report ‘Request Completion Duration‘ did not need to be added because it already existed.