Most Likely Teams Suggested for Requests

TeamAn interesting usability feature has been added to the Team field of requests. When a Specialist clicks on this field, it will no longer simply list all the teams that are available for selection. From now on, the teams that have a support responsibility for the request’s service instance are listed at the top.

This should make it a little easier to correctly update the Team field when this is done manually. Put in another way, it should make it less likely that someone accidentally selects a team that does not have any responsibility for the request.

Request team field with responsible teams in top section

This top section also offers some additional information about the teams that have a support responsibility for the request. It also specifies what the responsibility of each of these teams is.

Up to 4 teams can be listed in this top section. These 4 teams are listed in a specific order to ensure that the team that should, under normal circumstances, be able to deal with the request most cost-effectively is presented at the top. This order is as follows:

  • Request template team
  • Service desk team
  • First line team
  • Support team

The ‘Request template team’ should be the least expensive option, because the specialists of this team routinely handle requests based on the applied template. Next is the ‘Service desk team’ because its members are normally less specialized than the ‘First line team’ of the request’s service instance. And the experts, i.e. the ‘Support team’ of the service instance, are listed at the bottom because they are typically the most expensive and should not be asked to work on the request unless the other teams are not able to resolve it.