Moving Person Records to the Directory Account

Directory accountIt is now possible to move a person record from a support domain account to its directory account. When a new person record is registered in a directory account, 4me checks all the support domains of the directory account to see if a person record with the same primary email address already exists in any of them. If this is the case, the existing person record in the support domain account now gets updated and moved to the directory account.
This works when manually registering a new person in the directory account using the full UI, or when adding a new person record using an import or 4me’s REST API.
This feature can be very useful when a service desk analyst was not able to look up a caller’s person record in the User field of the Service Desk console. This may happen, for example, when a new employee has joined the company and the directory account has not yet been updated. In such cases, the service desk analyst can manually register this new person in the Service Desk console by pressing the New User button.
Register new person in service desk console
After manually registering the new employee, his/her person record will be stored in the support domain for which the service desk analyst provides first line support. If later that day the directory account is updated (e.g. by the SCIM integration with the company’s identity provider) there will not be an error, even though the new hire’s email address already exists in one of the directory account’s support domains. Instead, the manually registered person record gets updated and is automatically moved from the support domain account to its directory account.