New API Capabilities

APIThe REST API of the 4me service has been extended. The API can now also be used to add, update and remove the addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and web sites of organizations and people.

The following is an example of a cURL call that can be used to add a billing address to an organization:

curl -k -u "token:x" -X POST

The same can now be done with the configuration items that are related to a configuration item, the approvers to which an approval task has been assigned, and the standard service requests of a service offering.

The following example shows how an approver can be added to an approval task:

curl -k -u "token:x" -X POST

In the above examples, token represents a user’s ITRP API token. You can find your API token in the “Personal Information” section of the Settings console.

For more details about these new capabilities, visit the Change Log of the 4me developer website.