New Dynamic Filter: Current Account

FilterIt has been a while since the introduction of dynamic filters for views, reports and dashboards.  Now, one more dynamic filter has become available.  It is the ‘Current account’ filter, which can be used to include only records stored in the account the user is currently working in.

Registered and completed requests filtered by current account

Note that the account a user is working in is typically the 4me account the user signed in to.  However, it may also be the account that the user later switched to using the Account Switcher in the bottom left corner of the Records or Analytics console.

This new filter can also be used to exclude all records that are not registered in the current account.  That can be useful, for example, when an overview is needed of SLAs from external providers that are about to expire.  Here the filter option  is not  is used.

Upcoming SLA Expiry Dates for SLAs from external providers