New Filter Option – Is Not

FilterThe ‘is not’ filter option has become available for views, reports and dashboards. It was already possible to, for example, filter a requests view by the organization of the requester.

Request view filtered by organization

The ‘is not’ filter option makes it possible to adjust a filter so that the records that have a specific option selected in them, or which are related to a specific record, are excluded from the view, report or dashboard. A mouse click on the word ‘is’ allows the user to change it to ‘is not’.

Request view filtered by organization using is not filter

Below is another example. This is a requests metric report that uses the ‘is not’ filter option for the impact, service and status filters.

Open requests report with is not filters

Switching from ‘is’ to ‘is not’ immediately updates the view, report or dashboard, so there is no need to refresh after toggling this filter option.