New JIT Provisioning Attribute

Audit Trail4me has offered just-in-time access provisioning for end users for some time now. It offers support organizations a way to automatically maintain the information of people each time they access Self Service to obtain support.

When someone accesses 4me for the first time, the JIT functionality can be used to register this person. But when this person accesses 4me the next time, the support organization may not want all of this person’s information updated. The organization may, for example, manually maintain the links between a person record and the person’s manager and organization in 4me. In such cases, the new on_create attribute can be used to specify that the organization and manager fields should only be set on creation, and should not be updated automatically.
In this example, the support organization’s identity provider (IdP) should include the on_create attribute as follows in the SAML response it sends to 4me:

on_create = organization manager

More information about this JIT attribute can be found in the 4me Developer documentation.