New Metric Reports and Filters


Two metric reports have been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  The ‘Services’ report shows the number of enabled services visible to the given account and the ‘Service instances’ report shows the number of active service instances visible to the given account.

Metric reports are well suited to add to a dashboard, especially when customized using any or several of the available filters.  To make these reports even more useful, a number of new filter options have been added to the ‘Services’ report and its corresponding view in the Records console.  These filters are:

  • Release manager
  • Change manager
  • Knowledge manager
  • Problem manager
  • Availability manager
  • Capacity manager
  • Continuity manager
Services metric report filters

As such, these new reports can be used to provide insight into which persons are responsible for the various services and service instances in an account, for example.