New Reports for Requests by Hour

Heatmap report

To give insight into how request registrations are distributed over time, two new reports have been created: ‘Registered Requests by Hour’ and ‘Registered Requests by Day and Hour’.  Organizations can use the information these reports give them to look for patterns in the hours in which requests are registered.  This allows them, for example, to plan the weekly meeting for the service desk analysts at a time when the fewest requests are submitted.

The ‘Registered Requests by Hour’ report is a column chart, with 1 column per hour of the day.  Each column contains the number of requests that were registered at the corresponding hour of the day.  This report can be a useful starting point for identifying and analyzing out-of-hours requests.

Report registered requests by hour

The ‘Registered Requests by Day and Hour’ report is a heatmap; a newly introduced graph type in 4me.  Heatmaps are commonly used to visualize hot spots within large data sets, and to show patterns or correlations.  This report shows hours on the horizontal axis and days of the week on the vertical axis.  Both axes also offer a ‘Total’ row or column.  All cells of the heatmap, including those in the ‘Total’ row and column, support drilldown.

Report registered requests by day and hour

The day of the week and the hour of the day are presented in the time zone of the user who opened the report. It is also important to note that the moment a request is passed from one account to another, is the time the request is considered ‘registered’ for the other account.  This can be much later than the time the request was originally registered in the first account.

In the drilldown of these reports, it is possible to set or adjust the ‘Creation day’ and ‘Creation hour’ filters, both of which support selecting multiple values.  This makes it possible, for example, to show all requests that have not been created between 09:00-17:00, or to show all requests that have been created on a Saturday or Sunday.