New Task Category for Automation


A new category for workflow tasks has been added to tasks and task templates.  In addition to Risk & Impact, Approval, and Implementation tasks (and the Fulfillment Placeholder task, which was added for the 4me Shop), tasks can now also be of the category ‘Automation’.

When a workflow task is completely handled by automation, either through automation rules or using external automation, it makes sense to be able to treat it differently from other tasks.  There is no need to be able to assign it to a team or specialist, there is no need for notifications, and there is no need for many of the fields that are available for regular tasks.  This makes the Task form for automation tasks very simple.

Automation task category form

A good candidate for an Automation task would be a task that consists of only automation rules, such as a task that prepares a workflow and then completes itself.  Automation tasks can easily be recognized in the Gantt chart by the automation icon.

Automation task gantt chart

Automation tasks are not visible in the Inbox and can only be updated by OAuth applications, the workflow manager or a person with the Account Administrator role.