New Team Is Not Responsible

ImageLet’s say that there is an issue with the production environment of the Sales Tracking application service. The specialist who is working on the incident has determined that there is something wrong with the infrastructure..

The Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) shows that this application instance is running on a Unix server environment. Rather than dragging and dropping that Unix service instance onto the request to cause it to get reassigned to the Unix team, the specialist decides to manually select the Unix team in the Team field and to leave the value in the Service instance field unchanged.

By not specifying which Unix environment is affected, the SLA for that service instance does not get added to the request. Because of that, it is not clear what the resolution target should be for the Unix team, as the targets may differ from one Unix environment to that next.

4me now displays a warning whenever the manual reassignment of a request will cause it to go to a team that has no responsibility for the request’s service instance.

Note with large image
This warning should encourage specialists to select a new service instance whenever they believe that the issue is caused by a different service instance than the one that is linked to the request. The warning is displayed when the new team is not the:

  • first line team of the request’s service instance, or
  • support team of the request’s service instance, or
  • service desk team of the request’s 4me account.

By encouraging specialists to update the service instance, which in turn automatically updates the Team field, the new team will receive the request with the correct target instead of a ‘Best Effort’ indication. That should prevent the previous team’s resolution target from being violated because the request ended up at the bottom of the new team’s inbox.