New Time Spent Reports and Filters

Vertical bar chart

To give organizations more insight into how time was spent within a specified date range, and what the accumulated cost for that time spent was, four new reports and two new filters have been added. The new reports can be found in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console. They are called:

  • Time Spent by Customer
  • Cost of Time Spent by Customer
  • Time Spent by Service Instance
  • Cost of Time Spent by Service Instance
New reports time spent

Only time spent that is related to requests is included in these reports.  The reports are disabled by default.  In addition to these new reports, the filters ‘Service instance’ and ‘Service level agreement’ have been added to the following reports that draw their data from time entries:

Filter time entry reports

Note that only the time entries of requests can be related to a service instance or a service level agreement, so using these new filters limits the information in the report to the data of time entries that are related to requests.