No More Scrolling

DownOver time, some requests collect a lot of notes in their Notes section. For example, when the requirements of a request for a non-standard change are not immediately obvious, the request may go back and forth a couple of times between the requester and the specialists. In such cases, it can take some scrolling to get all the way down to the bottom of the Notes section where a new note can be added.
A usability feature has been added to make it possible to quickly jump to the bottom of a request. This new feature comes in the form of a small down-arrow button that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen when a request has several notes.
Down button
And after a specialist has added a new note, the status of the request may need to be updated. That would require the specialist to scroll up again. But because an up-arrow button automatically replaces the down-arrow button when the bottom of the form has been reached, this now only takes one mouse click.
Up button
Pro Tip:  Also new is the possibility to see the top part of the request form and the Note field together, even when many notes were already added. To see all the important fields of the request and the Note field close together, a specialist can simply collapse the Notes section. This hides all the previously added notes, but ensures that the Note field remains visible.
Collapsed Notes section
This usability feature is not only available in request. It has also been added for problems, releases, changes, change tasks, projects and project tasks. And it is available in 4me’s full UI, as well as Self Service on any device.