No Need to Relate Inactive CIs

Configuration ItemTo make sure that people do not accidentally select an inactive configuration item (CI) where it does not make sense to link an inactive CI, 4me no longer offers inactive CIs when someone is relating a CI to a:

  • Request Template
  • Task Template
  • Service Instance
  • Contract
  • Reservation Offering
  • Person
  • Short URL

An inactive CI is a configuration item which status is ‘Archived’, ‘To Be Removed’, ‘Lost or Stolen’ or ‘Removed’.

It is still possible to link any CI, with the exception of the ones that have already reached the status ‘Removed’, to requests, problems and implementation tasks.  The reason for this is that, even though the status of a CI may be ‘Archived’, ‘To Be Removed’ or ‘Lost or Stolen’, eventually an action will still be needed to remove it.  To get someone to take this action, an assignment will need to be registered and this assignment will then need to be linked to the CI that is to be removed.