Notes Excluded from Exports

ExportMany record types in 4me have a ‘Notes’ section. For example, requests, problems, tasks, projects, etc. all have this section. The ‘Notes’ section of a single 4me record can contain many individual notes, each with a lot of text.

In the past, when records were exported, all the notes that were part of these records were included in the export file. But in most cases an export file is used to either analyze data or to prepare an import file. The notes were mostly hindering this. They caused exports to take longer to complete and in some cases made the size of export files impractically large.

That is why, henceforth, export files no longer include the Notes column. If an export of the notes is needed for any reason, it can now be obtained by exporting the notes separately.

Export all Notes

It may be good to point out that it is still possible to include notes in an import file with records that have a ‘Notes’ section. This has not changed. To do this, just make sure that the ‘Notes’ column is part of the import file.