Notes Pagination


Most requests and tasks (and other records containing notes) can be completed without needing too many notes from the customer and the specialists working on them. In some cases, though, the amount of notes in a record can become quite high. This does not only make it difficult to read through such a record, but can also jeopardize performance. For this reason, the maximum number of visible notes per record in 4me was limited to 250. By using pagination, this restriction has now been lifted.

Of records that contain more than 60 notes, only the first notes and the last notes are displayed upon opening, as these are generally the most important for such long records. The remaining notes can be displayed in batches by pressing the Load more button, which is available between the earliest and latest notes that are shown. Next to that button, the number of collapsed notes is displayed.

Paginate notes

Requests and other note-containing records can now have up to 2500 notes, which can all be visualized using pagination.