Notification to Secondary Email Address


Although each person registered in 4me only has one primary email address, it is also possible to create or respond to requests with a different email address linked to the person record. This is handled by the mail API. 4me automatically relates these requests or notes to the right person. The notification of a newly registered request will then be sent to the primary email address of the requester.

This is especially useful at universities, for example. Before a student had originally registered, there was probably already email communication with the student administration. When officially registering, the student often receives a university email address. This then becomes the primary email address, while the personal email address is saved in the contact details. If the student submits a new request from their personal email address after registration, this will be handled properly.

It is of course desirable that a notification is also sent to the email account that was used. And that’s exactly what happens from now on. For this, a new email template has been added.

Notification non primary email