Notify Locked-Out User

Email templateWhen someone attempted to log in to 4me several consecutive times with an incorrect password, his or her access to 4me is temporarily blocked.  This is a basic security measure that stops people from trying to use someone else’s primary email address to gain unauthorized access to 4me.

To ensure that anyone with malicious intent does not see that the person’s access has been blocked or, more importantly, when it will be restored, this information is not provided on the 4me Sign In page.

Instead, an email is sent to the email address that was used unsuccessfully to gain access.  This email provides instructions for the affected user on how to reset his or her password.  These instructions allow the affected user to gain immediate access to 4me without having to wait until 4me automatically unblocks access again.

4me Administrators can adjust the instructions in these emails by going to the ‘Email Templates’ section of the Settings console.  There they can select the new email template ‘Access Blocked’.

4me email template Access Blocked