Number of Items Selected


A small usability feature has been added to assist users when they are about to perform a mass update of the records they selected in a view.  Before executing the mass update, users can now check the number of items they selected in the view to verify that this number matches the number of records they intend to update.

When a view is opened in the 4me Specialist Interface the total number of items in this view has always been presented at the bottom of the view.

Total number of items visible at bottom of 4me requests view

Now, when a user selects more than one item, the information is updated to inform the user how many items are selected.

Number of selected items visible at bottom of 4me requests view

Note that users can use the normal Ctrl+click and Shift+click combinations to select multiple records in a view.  The Crtl+down/up arrow key combinations are also available.  Mac users will know to use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key that Windows users are familiar with.