Open Service Instances from SHB

Service Hierarchy BrowserThe Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) is the vertical bar that opens on the right side of the screen when a request is placed in Edit mode.  It is one of those unique features that 4me users tend to appreciate more, the more comfortable they get with 4me.  When they take the time to understand the value of the information that the SHB provides, they find out more ways to benefit from the information it dynamically offers.

Service Hierarchy Browser shows child service instances of selected parent service instanceMost users have already discovered that they can open a Configuration Item record or one of the open requests that the SHB presents by clicking on it while holding down the Ctrl key (or the Command key on macOS).  This opens the record in a new browser tab.

What is new is that the Ctrl+click shortcut can now also be used to open the service instances that are presented in the SHB.

Pro Tip:  Holding down both the Shift key and the Ctrl key when clicking on an item from the SHB not only opens this item in a new browser tab; it also switches the focus to this new tab.