OpenAI Replaced by AWS Bedrock


4me has implemented several enhancements that make use of AI, specifically Large Language Models (LLMs). These include request summaries, knowledge article creation, and a feature where customers are reminded that a specialist is waiting for their input. So far, the AI capabilities provided by OpenAI were used for this. As of now, AWS Bedrock is used. The 4me +AI app is deprecated and uninstalled. To make use of the AI capabilities provided by 4me, a setting must be enabled in the account settings:

4me ai

During data processing for AI applications, no customer data is stored or used for AI service improvements, nor to train AI models, nor distributed to 3rd parties. Customer data is not stored or logged in any external service logs. 4me +AI processes customer data in the European Economic Area (EEA) region, except for accounts based in the United States of America. For them, data is processed in the USA. That means that for accounts in the UK, Switzerland, and Australia regions, data is processed in the EEA region.