Opening Email Marks Notification as Read

Notification Center4me automatically generates notifications. These notifications may inform a requester that his request has been completed, tell a specialist that someone added a note to a task that is assigned to her, etc. These notifications show up in the user’s Notification Center.

Notifications toolbar iconIf a user has specified in the Notification Settings that her notifications should also be sent via email, she will find a new notification in her Notification Center for each email she receives from 4me. And when there is an unread item in the user’s Notification Center, the user sees a blue dot over the toolbar icon of the Notification Center.
To make it easier to manage the new items in the Notification Center, each email notification now has a web beacon embedded in it. This beacon ensures that, as soon as a user opens an email that was generated by 4me, the corresponding notification in the user’s Notification Center is automatically marked as read. That means that this notification is automatically moved from the Notification Center’s ‘New’ view to the ‘All’ view.
4me Notification Center