Optimized Team Assignment Notifications


As the number of data transactions in 4me is steadily increasing,  it is important to keep monitoring the most used transaction types and optimize those,  to reduce resources and speed up delivery.  One such transaction type is the outbound email for team assignments of requests.  If a team consists of 10 members,  for example,  10 emails are created and sent to 10 different people.

The salutations for these team assignment notifications are now no longer directed to the individual recipients of the email, but to the team that the request is assigned to.  In the case of the example above, only one email is now created,  sent to a group of 10 people.

Team notification outbound

This change affects the following notifications:

  • Request Assigned to Team
  • Problem Assigned to Team
  • Task Assigned to Team
  • Project Task Assigned to Team