Order Shop Items on Behalf of Someone Else


When the 4me Shop was introduced at the end of last year, it was only made possible for people to order something for themselves.  It didn’t take long before requests started coming in for a feature that would allow ordering items for other people.  Such a feature can be useful in organizations where ordering supplies and equipment is done by an office manager, for example, or when equipment should be ordered by a manager as part of an onboarding process for a new employee.

It can now be made possible for people to order items from the shop on behalf of someone else.  To do this, a new option in the ‘Self Service Settings’ of the Settings console must be enabled:

Order on behalf of

Imagine that Howard Tanner, from Widget Data Center, External IT, wants to order a laptop for Barney Turban.  The first steps of the process for ordering an item from the 4me Shop have not changed.  But at checkout, a button is now available for ordering on behalf of someone else.

Shop order on behalf

After pressing this button, the person for whom the item should be ordered can be selected.  These are all people from the same organization as the requester.  Howard selects Barney.

Shop order on behalf Barney

The addresses that are available for delivery are those of the organization, the site, Howard, and Barney.  At this point, the items in the shopping cart are filtered, so that Howard can only order items for which Barney is covered.  Both the Requested by and Requested for are now displayed in the generated Order and Fulfillment requests.